People say society has gotten more vulgar, and movies are the perfect example to prove or disprove that.

So let’s look at the IMDB's list of Oscar-Winning movies (1927 - 2021).

What is a Profanity?

The term profane originates from classical Latin profanus, literally “before (outside) the temple”, pro meaning ‘outside’ and fanum meaning ’temple’ or ‘sanctuary’.

- Wikipedia

There is a plenty of profane words one can use or hear. Let’s put them into categories depending on the level of offensiveness.


The following categories were selected (click the blurred text if you wish to see examples):

  • Mild - arse, ass, damn, crap, goddamn
  • Medium - asshole, bitch, bullshit, shit, slut
  • Strong - cock, cunt, dick, fuck, pussy
  • Slurs - N-word, faggot

The Dataset

Only English movies also available on were selected to start with as the list contains movies in 33 different languages.

That makes the total number of films 868.

So how did it go in time?

To answer the question, let’s look at the timeline.

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